Repair Car Dents

Repair Car Dents with PDR

Dent Wizard technicians safely remove dents, restoring vehicles to their original factory condition without affecting the original factory paint finish through a process called Paintless Dent Repair (also known as PDR).

Our dedication to innovation has made us the world leader in Paintless Dent Repair and automotive SMART, small to medium area repair techniques, reconditioning.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an environmentally friendly method for removing a variety of dents, dings, body creases and hail damage.

The Dent Wizard Paintless Dent Repair process allows us to repair car dents as a better and more affordable alternative to traditional body shop methods, allowing technicians to safely remove dents without requiring any alterations to the vehicle's original factory paint finish.

In addition to improving your vehicles appearance, Dent Wizard’s PDR solutions also help increase your vehicles overall value.


Dent Wizard’s Paintless Dent Repair technicians are trained to not only help get your vehicle back on the road quickly but to also save you money. Our unique PDR solutions are faster and more affordable than standard dent repairs through traditional body shops. Our PDR process includes a variety of special tools which make your car dents more accessible and quicker to repair; saving you time and money.

However, Dent Wizard is not focused on just saving you money right now, but also helping to put some extra money in your pocket miles down the road. While it is true that vehicles begin to lose value over time, resale value is most closely attributed to three major factors: mileage, mechanical performance, and appearance.  Having a great looking car that doesn’t run isn’t going to sell, while a mechanically sound vehicle that is in poor aesthetic condition isn’t going to land you as much money in trade-in or resale value. Let Dent Wizard help save you money during your repair and after when it comes time to sell your vehicle with our PDR solutions.

Why Dent Wizard?

Dent Wizard has been the world leader in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) since 1983, leading the industry by constantly revolutionizing the PDR process with the latest technology. Our trained and certified technicians perform high-quality repairs that are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.

The proof is in the photos. See how Dent Wizard used PDR to repair dents and restore vehicles to their original factory condition using Paintless Dent Repair and contact Dent Wizard to get an estimate for your dent repair today.

Dent Repair Before Dent Repair After
Dent Repair Before Dent Repair Before
Dent Repair Before Dent Repair After
Dent Repair Before Dent Repair Before