Paint Chip Repair

Professional Paint Chip Repair

Paint chips are an exterior condition that start out as a minor annoyance but can turn into a much larger issue.

A paint job does more than define a vehicle - it protects it. Chipped paint can be caused by weather, harsh cleaners, and more. This type of damage can speed up the process of oxidation and rust a vehicle's exterior. This can impact both the appearance of a vehicle as well as its resale value.

Road rash, gravel, salt, sand, and debris can all lead to paint chips. This type of damage can take away from the look of a vehicle while decreasing value.

Dent Wizard utilizes an advanced paint chip repair process to remove chips and scratches without sanding and repainting vehicles. This entire process is effective and non-intrusive. Often, professional paint chip repairs can be performed the same day a vehicle comes in for service.

Dent Wizard backs all paint chip repairs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a nationally recognized brand serving both consumers and the automotive service industry.

For expert paint chip repairs, turn to the experts at Dent Wizard.

What are SMART Repairs?

Paint chip repair falls under the umbrella of Small to Medium Repair Techniques - or SMART repairs. This is the process of repairing localized vehicle damage with specialized tools, paint, and other materials.

SMART repairs are preferred for paint chips compared to body shop repairs. SMART repairs do not require the entire panel of a vehicle to be removed or repainted. This has significant savings in labor compared to a body shop repair.


Paint Chip Repair for Automotive Service Providers

Dent Wizard provides its full suite of SMART repair services to dealerships, body shops, rental agencies, auctions and other automotive businesses. This partnership allows these businesses to utilize our industry-leading technology and talent to quickly repair fleet and customer vehicles.

Paint chips are a common issue that can drive down the resale value of vehicles. Customers on a dealership lot may point out paint chips on a used vehicle. This can lead to them expecting a lower price.

Dent Wizard can perform affordable, fast paint chip repairs to ensure you get the most value from your inventory. We can also help ensure your customer facing vehicles are in perfect cosmetic condition to keep business running smoothly.

Paint chip repair is provided alongside our full suite of exterior and interior repair services. Contact Dent Wizard today to become a partner.


What Causes Paint Chips in a Vehicle?

Age, wear, and damage can all cause paint to chip on a vehicle. Gravel and road debris are two of the most common culprits. At higher speeds, the impact of these materials can chip a paint job. The larger the debris, the more likely it is to cause damage.

Quality paint is more flexible and can better absorb this type of impact. Paint chips are more common in older vehicles that have been exposed to the elements.

Wear and tear on a vehicle can also cause paint to chip. It is recommended to avoid buffing or using clay bars on a paint job unless it is necessary. Ice scrapers can also cause paint to chip. Be sure to use the brush side on your vehicle and only scrape your windshield.

Temperature changes, poor paint jobs and larger accidents can also cause paint to chip on a vehicle.


Can I Repair a Paint Chip Myself?

This type of damage is best assigned to a professional with years of experience. Small paint chips can be repaired with touch up paint or a paint chip repair kit. However, the quality of the repair may be questionable. DIY repairs may not be as lasting, resulting in having to do the job over again.

Paint Chip Repair Before Paint Chip Repair After

Business Services

Dent Wizard provides SMART repairs to a variety of fleet and vehicle-based businesses. Learn about partnering with Dent Wizard to improve your business today.